We are proud to present our latest Piccolo trumpet model YTR-9825 targeting the professional and high level amateurs.

Bb/A piccolo trumpet with 3 valves and a rotary mechanism in new design.


Two-piece valve casing (top: brass/Xeno shape; lower: brass)
New curved leadpipe
New leadpipe assemblies (GL type: Bb/A)
With trumpet and cornet shank lead pipes
Mouthpieces: TR11A5 and CR11A4
Case: new TRC-810 double case with strap

Rotary System

If the trigger is pulled when the third piston is depressed, the note can be reduced by a whole tone to expand the low register.


The YTR-9825 comes with 4 leadpipes. Two leadpipes have trumpet mouthpiece receivers in Bb and A while the other two have cornet mouthpiece receivers in Bb and A.

Trumpet shank leadpipe

Cornet shank leadpipe